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E*Trade Highlights:

  • As low as $7.95 per trade including option trades*
  • Great retirement planning  feature for those looking ahead
  • 4.3 Million customer accounts
  • As low as 75 cents options contracts
  • Over 20 years of experience in the industry
  • Offers iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Apps
  • Comprehensive market research, ranked #1 in Research by SmartMoney Magazine (2011)
  • Share tips and strategies with other users on E*Trade Community network
  • New members trade free for 60 days plus get up to $500**

What we like about E*Trade:

Comprehensive Research:

E*Trade was ranked Best in Research by SmartMoney Magazine for 2011 for the host of user-friendly research tools available to investors.  Among those tools are detailed research reports that give a comprehensive view of stocks including such details as price performance patterns, investment style, and recommendation and ranking by companies such as S&P, Credit Suisse, and Thomson Reuters.  They also offer free analyst research that show the latest upgrades and downgrades, risks, and ratings from notable analysts such as Morningstar, S&P, and Credit Suisse.  E*Trade offers customer access to several regular publications for a look at industry trends and investment strategy.    E*Trade has recently added their own version of social networking to their growing arsenal of investment tools allowing investors to piggy back strategies and bounce ideas off of one another.  This social forum, E*Trade Community, has proven to be a big hit with E*Trade customers with social networking amongst traders becoming more and more popular across the industry. All of these investor perks and still only $7.95 trades.

A Focus on Your Future:

E*Trade is not only set up to serve the investor in the moment, but allows E*Trade customers to focus on building security for the future by offering an impressive array of retirement planning tools and features.  The Retirement Income Calculator or Income Calculator can provide a glance at how prepared you are to meet a comfortable retirement, while the retirement planner feature will help to make that goal a reality through helping customers build a simple plan for saving and investing and providing one on one retirement counseling by phone, online chat, or in person.  E*Trade customers can enroll in a wide variety of IRAs, a 401k, and or several other retirement accounts.  There is also a ‘Living in Retirement’ part of the site that helps users calculate distributions once retirement has arrived.

Great Mobile App:

With E*Trade’s Mobile Trading Platform customers can virtually complete any trading or account action available on the website from their mobile device while on the go.   Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android devices this mobile application is one of the best designs on the market.  The mobile app lets users buy and sell from their mobile devices, make transfers to and from any account or financial institution, deposit checks via picture, and access CNBC on demand for the latest information on market trends.

Clean Easy to Use Site:

With over 4.3 million customer accounts and 20 years experience under its belt E*Trade is major player in the industry and as such offers investors a wide range of financial services including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Options, Forex, Futures, ETFs, IRAs, portfolios, and international investments in the form of a clean and user friendly site.  E*Trade 360 web page allows customers to stay in touch with all account happenings in a real time format.   E*Trade 360 features watch lists, integrated trading, portfolios, and a graphical account view.

E*Trade Pro is available to premier investors that execute over 30 Options or Stock trades a quarter on an ongoing basis.  This state of the art feature is equipped with streaming news and watch lists, a strategy planner tool, an impressive options screener and strategy optimizer, and a customizable charting tool along with streaming Live CNBC financial coverage.

In Short:

With an impressive 4.3 million customer accounts and $189 billion in customer assets E*Trade is one of the biggest and most widely known and respected online investment firms. E*Trade offers a clean, professional, and easy to use site with a customizable interface. The site even offers step by step tutorials to train users on how to use site features and the benefits of each feature, so if you weren’t born with a tech gene you will still be able to navigate and understand this site thoroughly.  E*Trade gives investors access to some of the best investment research on the net and has equally impressive portfolio building and planning features to help users prepare for every stage in life including retirement.  E*Trade’s Mobile applications allows investors to have full control of their investments from virtually any location.

*E*Trade uses a tiered commissions schedule, meaning that customers who make more than 150 trades per quarter pay a rate of $7.99 a trade.  If you make less than 150 trades a quarter you will pay $9.99 per trade.  Options trades have the same tiered rate schedule.
**see site for details

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E*Trade, 5.0 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

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